Top 5 Secret Apps Not Available on The Playstore 2018

Top 5 Secret Apps Not Available on The Playstore 2018

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Mohammed Shoaib Here in this article i am sharing with you Top 5 Secret Apps Not Available on The Playstore 2018 many android apps like this that are available on the play store. But some do not make it because of what they offer. In this Tutorial, i will take you a closer look at the  Top 5 Secret Apps Not Available on The Playstore 2018

1) Secret Calculator APK

The description of File Locker- Secret Calculator

Want a Secret Vault ? If you are suspicious about who looks at your photos, videos and data, try out this useful 🔐 File Locker- Secret Calculator 🔐 security app that will keep your media safe and your files hidden.

Who would think of looking for your private files in this smart hide “calculator vault”, that is fully functional, yet so well camouflaged? It’s the best folder lock that will never give away your personal data. Download the best “secret calculator app to hide videos” and pics for free and you will never again ask “how to hide apps on your phone”!


How To Use?

➕ Enter the password
➖ Provide password recovery question and answer, just in case!
✖ Hit + button to create your secret folder.
➗ Easily hide camera, photos and videos, or create new folders and text files.
➕ Access the hidden folder by calculating or typing the password and pressing = button.

2) TubeMate

Want to Download YouTube Videos Directly to your phone ? when it comes to downloading YouTube videos onto your Android. Thanks to this app you can store all your favorite YouTube videos locally onto your device memory and watch them later on at your leisure without an Internet connection.

Using Tubemate app is as simple as accessing the video of your choice through the in-app browser. the cool feature of this app is You can easily download mp3 also in different formats From there a quick tap on the arrow located at the bottom of your screen. Next step: select factors like resolution and video quality. Your options are: 1920×1080, 1280×720, 640×360, 176×144, etc. Plus you designate which file format you want for your videos: MP4, MP3, WEBM, OGG, etc.

3) AdSkip

Tired Skipping Youtube Ads ? Don’t Worry i have Solution for you  if you watch daily Youtube Videos then you must try this app once this app is so cool

This app does a simple job: Automatically click on the “Skip ad” button in the YouTube™ app when it appears. No root required, no proxy or VPN needs to be setup. You just need to enable an accessibility service which is required to detect the ads and click on the “Skip ad” button. This is an xda-exclusive free version with full functionality! Now You can enjoy youtube videos 🙂 Without any disturbens


4 )  NetEase Cloud Music

Are you a Music Lover? if you are finding for a app that can easily download songs into your device memory in that case you are at the right blog so today i am sharing  NetEase Cloud Music n app to stream music and download songs to your device’s memory. The best thing about it is that it lets you do this with thousands of songs, all completely free. a free Chinese Spotify that gives unlimited access to almost any song you can imagine.  a free music-streaming service with a huge songs catalogue that can even be locally downloaded.

5) VideoMix

So are you finding a App to Stream Movies Online ? VideoMix is ​​an application to stream tons of movies and TV shows, directly from your Android. VideoMix’s content is neatly organized by category, so it’s easy to find movies you like. You can also use the built-in search feature to find what you’re looking for. i suggest to must try this app at least one time VideoMix is ​​an excellent app for watching movies and TV shows online from your Android. Even though its interface is kind of ugly, its other features make it worth your time. The catalog is updated very frequently, too, so you can always find the latest releases.